My Boy

He started out oh so little, tiny even.

But he just gets bigger and bigger.

I’ve been aware of his growing all along but a few weeks ago something happened. It was this

And now my Tiny Boy has exploded.

His feet used to be so itty bitty.

Now they are mammoth. It seems to me that they must be swollen, they couldn’t have grown that much bigger that fast. Could they?
There is a two and a half year and one shoe size difference between him and his big sister. Here they are both wearing his flip flops.

It’s not just the getting bigger either.
He says “please” and “thank you” he walks to the car and climbs in all by himself. He holds my hand and walks down the stairs instead of sliding on his bummy or tummy.

He holds the New One and gives her kisses. He makes sure I know if she starts to cry. “Be-be” has replaced “puppy” at the forefront of his vocabulary.
The other day the New One woke up and noticed she was hungry while we were in the car where I can only reach her with my voice. My Tiny Boy, matching my soothing tone began to croon “be-be, be-be” doing all he could to help her.
He’s a big brother, but he’s my baby too. Right?

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