Ruby Kisses

Picked up these beauties today.

My plans for them are simple; freeze for future use.
That is I’m freezing as many of them as can avoid meeting their end in my berry stained mouth.
Most of the frozen berries will end up as smoothies, some of them will become deliciously tart syrup for ebelskivers, and a few lucky berries I will devote to a pet project of mine.
Once, at a block party, I had a piece of raspberry rhubarb pie. It was heaven wrapped in pastry. Though, I have to say, I find it difficult to imagine any other kind of heaven. I suppose a pastry free heaven could exsist, but I don’t think I’d have the faith necessary to get there. No, for me, heaven could never be complete without a flaky, golden crust.
Excuse me and my pasty lust, I’ll get back to the subject at hand.
I haven’t as yet been able to find a recipe for raspberry rhubarb pie. Last time the memory of the block party pie presented itself I satisfied myself with strawberry rhubarb. This time, I’ll accept no substitutes and I’ll not depend upon existing recipes. If I can’t find one, I’ll make up my own!
Now, Please excuse me, I’ve got berries waiting for me.

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