Ballet style

Baby Girl started ballet again last week. Turns out she only has one pair of tights that fit currently. Look How awesome.

The red tights were a hand me down from her aunt, The Mr’s older sister. My mother in law found them while cleaning out her house and now they are my girl’s.
I tell you what, they don’t make tights the way they used to.

This is what she gave me when I asked for another pose. She’s a natural.

“Now take one with me smiling,” she directed.

I guess I’m lucky she has a leotard that matches the early eighties red tights. We’ll just disregard the fact that it’s a gymnastics leotard not meant to be worn with tights at all.
She’s cute even if she’s a bit garish. Just the same, I think I’ll go buy her some tights in a more subdued shade.

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