The Mr is at a meeting this evening. About 2 seconds after he walked out the door Tiny ran gleefully toward me (I was laying on the sofa) and thwacked his hard little head into the bridge of my nose with as much force as a 25 pound child is capable of exerting.
He now has a bridge-of-my-nose-shaped bruise above his right eye and I have a headache so intense I took some of the mammoth ibuprofen I have left over from bearing him.
Now, how to make myself work under the circumstances.
I’ve got an elephant to build.

One Response to ouch

  1. Holy cow this is deja vu, no joke! Not three weeks ago my three year old did the same thing to me!! It STILL hurts! I even went to an ENT last week to make sure it wasn’t totally broken. He said “It’s fractured but not displaced, so it’s juts going to have to heal on it’s own. Oh and try not to take Ibuprofen because it hinders the healing process (or something like that, I stopped listening when he said not to take Ibuprofen).” So now I’m plagued with headaches at the slightest congestion.

    Best of luck! Hope it stops hurting and if it doesn’t, rest assured I feel your pain.


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