A disapointment

So, I made this top.

I’m not sure what I was thinking. I do not like empire waisted tops with fluttery skirts. I started out thinking about this tunic and how I could make it more me. I thought of adding pin tucks and buttons to the yoke and then I apparently got distracted and did this instead.
It’s the skirt I’m most opposed to, so much width in the hip region can’t possibly be flattering. I really think I slept through half the process of making this.
I do like the doleman sleeve with the little lacy edge

I also like the pretty pink buttons and pintucks

Another problem came in with my fabric selection. This was part of my favorite set of sheets (they were the softest sheets ever) that recently wore out.
The top sheet, especially the edges of it, was still is really good condition and I liked the idea of the soft white with the pink buttons.
The problem came in when I realized how squidgy (that’s a technical term) the fabric was. Squidginess is generally not a problem with woven cottons, but I could not for the life of me get this cut on grain. That’s why the neck stands out from the body like that.
I couldn’t cut a good straight bias either so when I used the not-quite-bias to bind the neck it made that mess. It doesn’t bother me so much when it’s on. Having a body in it helps hide the crookedness of the whole thing. On a hanger though, or worse, lying flat, it is a nightmare.

So I guess I’ve got a new top to wear exclusively around the house.

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