An Apron Auction

Here it is. All done and ready for bidding!

Would you like a tour of the details? I’m glad to oblige.

This lovely apron, hand crafted from yellow dotted white cotton, features dazzling pink gingham decorative binding and a three button adjustable neck strap. (ohalala!)

A pair of delectable gingham strawberries adorn the… er, bodice? (Is is still a bodice on an apron?) Anyway, the strawberries, are a multi-dementional triumph of applique; lending just the right touch of innocence to balance the allure of the sweetheart neck line.

A gracefuly gathered pocket on the right side of the skirt is perfect for storing a wee treasure or resting a dainty hand.

The three inch width of the sash is ideal for tying a handsome bow.

What a delight to wear in the kitchen!

Now that I’ve stunned you with my infomercial-like display, I’ll explain the mechanics of this operation.
Please place your bid by leaving a comment with your Bid Amount in the comments section.
Following the close of the auction, the winner will pay for their item via the Stephanie and Christian PayPal account. The winner will then forward the PayPal receipt email to uniquety(at)gmail(dot)com with their mailing address.
Please bid in increments of one dollar. The auction will end at Midnight (Pacific daylight time) on Sunday, August 31.

Ready. Set. Bid!

PS. Sorry about the crazy layout on this post. I promise it looked awesome in the preview but when I actually posted it, not so much. Normally I’d take it right down and fix it up but if I did that now, how would you bid?

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