Hot Hot Hot

I learned something today. I learned that it really is important to have your air conditioner looked at now and then to keep in in working order. Also, if some afternoon you hear it squealing in protest of the flesh-melting temperatures you require it to combat, that might be a good time to have it looked at.
My own air conditioner made that noise yesterday afternoon. It’s called wolf before, squealed angrily and then indignantly settled back in to it’s labor when I failed to heed the warning. Not this time.
I noticed it was hot last evening as we lounged on the sofa but I decided I’d just been lounging too long on the sofa and betook myself to bed. I noticed again how hot it was and as I walked past the thermostat on my way to see why Baby Girl was moaning rather than sleeping, I looked to see if it was all in my head. It was not. The thermostat read 85 degrees.
Now, that’s not a hideous temperature, but it is a good deal warmer than we prefer and it signified that our over-worked-under-appreciated AC unit had indeed not been calling wolf in the afternoon.
I gave both the children sippy cups to keep in their beds all night, I stripped Tiny Boy of his jammie shirt and we all slept tolerably in our under wear with no covers. This morning The Mr. called a repairman who by 10:30 had come and gone leaving comfort in his wake.
At it’s hottest the house was 88 degrees. For this, I am thankful. It could have been so, so much worse.
Thank you repairman. Thank you for coming in the morning before the devil came out to lick our windows and cook us as we cowered in our dark closets where pockets of cool sill dwelt. Thank you for rectifying the grievances of our AC unit so he would bless us once again with his cooling breath of life. Thank you for working fast and making it unnecessary for me to escape with the children while The Mr stayed to battle the hotness alone. For all of this, I forgive you charging double to come on a weekend.
I leave you now with an image of Baby Girl lounging with an ice pack in order that she might watch The Wonder Pets in some comfort.

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