The Winner

This morning, in my jammies with a pile of laundry waiting to be folded beside me, I started out choosing the winner.
I printed the comments and cut them into strips with Baby Girl’s scissors and stuffed them in Tiny’s backpack.

She took this photo in the process. Man am I HAWT!

Then, Tiny was so kind as to select a single strip of paper. He pulled two out actually, and I waited very patiently, not looking lest I figure out which two he’d selected, while he decided which to hand to me.

He chose this one. The winner is Rae, she’ll be receiving an elephant pillow in the color scheme of her choice.

I didn’t ever look to see whose entry was on the second slip. Tiny kept it for a moment and then, with the help of Baby Girl they handed me all of the slips thus obscuring the identity of the one who was almost the winner. I think it’s best that way.

Thanks again for playing everybody. I think I’ll do this again some day.

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