The Big 200 Giveaway is Over!

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Thanks ever-so, friends for being such.
So glad am I to be a blogging girl, I am willing to give up my crafty independence for a few days and let you chose what I make.
To enter the giveaway leave a comment telling me what you want. It can be anything you’ve seen here or in real life, if I know you in real life.
Now, there are a few things I’m not willing to recreate and send away, For example, if you asked for this or this

I would answer with a resounding no.
Anything that I spent more than six hours on is out. I realize that my blog entries do not include time spent on projects, so just try to guess and if you pick something I’m not willing to do, I’ll let you know.
I am allowing multiple entries per person as long as each entry is requesting a different item. For example if you ask six times for a baby harness, I’m going to throw out five of those requests. I won’t set a limit on how many times you can enter unless it gets crazy.
Go ahead and dig through my archive to see what you want. If you’re just happening by, feel free to join in. Lurking? This is the perfect time to make yourself known.
Stagger me with a response people. If I’m not staggered, I may retreat into myself and hide in shame.

Wow, this is fun! I am loving reading all the requests/entries. I’ve even drummed up a comment from my dear brother Boy who despite nearly being my most faithful reader, second only to The Mr, has never left evidence of having been here at all.
I’ve got to say though Boy, I hope your satchel is not the winning project. I am fairly new to the world of applique and your friendship-bonded animal trio would uncomfortably stretch my meager skill.
Anywhoo, I guess I have to close this little contest at some point but I’m still having fun taking entries so I’ll hold off another day yet.
Thanks for playing everybody, you’ve made my week-end!

Ahh, fantastic. I was staggered and will not have to hide in shame.
I’ll announce the winner tomorrow. I am selecting randomly so I still don’t know what my next project will be. Weird.

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