A sunday evening at Grandma’s house

Tiny Boy learned how much fun it is to run with sticks.

Yeah, sticks are a good time.

You know what else is fun? Spinning ’till you fall down dizzy.

Tiny practiced his spinning but he couldn’t quite keep it up long enough to make himself dizzy. Lucky for him, there was an uncle on hand to help him out with that. He still missed out on the falling down though since he couldn’t stand when the uncle stopped spinning.

Whoopsy daisy! never mind, he got in a staggering fall or two.

One more crazy fun thing to do. Run in the street.
Where is that Uncle? Clearly it is his job to keep the children out of the road.

Big news folks, this is post #199! That’s right, next time is the giveaway!
I hope you nearly wet yourselves with excitement. Only nearly though, as a mother of small children I know too well what it is to mop up “accidents” and don’t wish any more of that than necessary on any of you.


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