My new blouse

I’ve been planning to try my hand at this pleated collar since May when the tutorial was posted.
I drafted my pattern before I left for my trip in hopes of getting it done before I left. No such luck.
From this I learned that I should never wait three weeks between drawing up a pattern and cutting it out. It was kind of annoying as I was cutting figuring out what I was thinking when I was drafting. Anyway, I sorted it out and here it is.

It might have been wise to wait until The Mr. got home to man the camera but I’m impatient so I went ahead and took the photos myself. I discovered that it’s easier to photograph yourself if your making a crazy face. That way if you look, well, crazy, there’s a reason for it.
A word on hair. I decided a while back to try for a curly style with my current cut. It worked like a dream that first time but I’ve never been able to recreate it. I like the back well enough but the front leaves something to be desired.
At this time I would like to remind you that I am fast approaching my 200th post and that I plan to commemorate that blessed event with a giveaway.
Get ready folks cuz it’s gonna be a good one! No, there will not be any $500 giftcards involved. I’m not The Pioneer Woman, after all. But it will be the best giveaway I’ve ever given so get ready to comment like mad! I may allow multiple entries just to spice things up.


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