It’s just who I am. I can deny it no longer.

When I start reading a book I get a little obsessed. I ignore my children, the dishes pile up and The Mr gives a resigned sigh as he fetches his lappy to fill the time while I ignore him too.
A year or so ago friends started tellling me about Twilight and it’s accompaning sequels. Every time it came up and I mentioned I hadn’t read it people would gasp and declair that i must do so immediately. One friend siad “I have never liked to read but I’ve read these six times now. Every time I finish I start again at the beggining”
I think the natural reaction to such high praise would be to read the reccommended book at the first opportunity. I, however am rather contrarry, we’ve discussed this before, and so I did not read them.
A few months ago I mentioned my failure to read them to another friend, I had come to rather enjoy the reaction I got from telling people that, but this time I didn’t get the reaction. She said she liked them well enough, but was rather indifferent. There was no gasping, no declairations that I must immediately drop what I was doing and begin to read. Then she said Twilight was “The best poorly written book (she’d) ever read” and I started thinking more seriously about actually reading it/them.
Last month we read The Host for book club and I adored it. That finally tipped the scale. I knew my mother in law had Twilight so I decided to read it while I’m staying with her, but I was not going to be one of those girls, the ones who obsess, who discuss Edward and Bella with their friends at every given opportunity, who upon hearing about a friend who hasn’t read the books gasps and says she must. I was going to be logical and objective. I was going to decide intellegently whether I agreed about the poor writing.
I started reading Tuesday night, the very night I arrived and the home of my mother in law and borrowed her copy of Twilight. I finnished up Wednesday night after my children were abed. Thursday was the first day of my family reunion. It was a very busy day, I hitched a ride with my sister and her family as we hopped from activity to activity. Every spare thought I had went to figuring out how I could get my hands on a copy of New Moon. I called friends and family asking if they had a copy that could be deposited in my hands that day. Finally, when the day’s reunioning was over, I tucked my children into bed, borrowed my mother-in-law’s car and went to Wal*Mart to buy New Moon and Eclipse.
During the following eight hours I read New Moon, then I slept for four hours, woke up late, threw our camping stuff together and left for the remainder of the family reunion. I decided not to bring Eclipse along. When, amidst the reuniting with various family members would I have a chance to read? I took it anyway, I’d need something diring the few hours drive ahead of me. I finnished before dinner the next day, so what if I wouldn’t see some of these cousins untill the family reunion in 2 years? I had some very important reading to do!
Seriously, who did I think I was kidding? Of course I was going to obsess, it’s who I am.
I spent a few hours today pouring over Stephenie Meyer’s web site, reading every little scrap, every outtake, and shaking my head at myself the whole time.
To be honest, as much as I ejoyed these books I really loved The Host more. If you wonder how much I obsessed about that one, ask the Mr. I came close to begging him to read it so I’d have someone to discuss it with. I read it within twenty four hours, nearly three weeks bafore the book club meeting, which was just too long to wait for discussion. This helps me realise that it’s in my nature to obsess about what I read. That realisation helps me feel less like one of “those girls” (although I have alot of good friends who are “those girls” so what’s my problem with joining the party?) and lessens my chagrin over my reaction to the books I’d vowed not to get carried away with.
One final note,
Spoiler allert! Do not read the next paragraph if there’s anyway you’ll ever read these books, or possibly watch the films!
I am on Team Edward, all the way. Jacob is fantastic, I hope he imprints with a nice girl and lives a happy life just as long as Bella is with Edward.


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