We’ve got a match!

Baby Girl told me a few weeks ago when I mentioned out upcoming camping trip that Tiny Boy would be needing a backpack for “highping” I assured her that I would make him one. That’s when she let me know that none of her elleventy-twelve existing back packs would do for hikeing, excuse me, highping, so she would need a new one as well.
I started out with the grey stash corduroy that suggested itself for the project and my dear old Dictionary. A few years back in my college days that dictionary was one of my best friends. It was nice to see him again. I even peeped inside and read a word or two for old time’s sake.
This time though I wasn’t after any new vocabulary, I just happened to notice that the dictionary was just the size and shape for a child’s back pack so I used him as my pattern. Actually, he was a bit narrow, so I added 2 inches of width, but the height and depth of my old friend were just perfect.

Remember that Heather Ross goldfish fabric? This is what it was meant for. I’d planned to use it as the whole lining but I couldn’t bring myself to waste it that way so I just lined the flap with it and saved the rest, and the fish bowl buttons for a future project.

I used the grey plaid, one of the bargain fabrics I picked up that day, as the lining.

I’d planned on putting an appliques on the pockets from the very beginning. After selecting the fish for the (visible) lining it followed that the appliques should also be fish. I mimicked the shapes of a few of the fish from the fabric as best I could.

I forgot to buy hardware to make the straps adjustable but at the point when I realized that I was not about to stop and wait until I could get back to the store, so I used buttons. The plan was to make multiple button holes so the straps could adjust but I didn’t want to figure out placement for the additional holes right then. When they children grow and need their straps adjusted I’ll mark them, and make some new button holes.

Now all that’s left to do is fill them with snacks and send them on their way.


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