I am not a milliner and why I need a digital SLR

This is my first hat. I think it’s very obvious that it’s my first. If I were willing to show you the inside, it would me even more obvious.

I started out with 6 sections but that made it large enough to fit even my big fat head. Just as I was cursing myself for putting in the plaid accent “pipping” (it’s not really pipping but I don’t know what else to call it) which made it impossible for me to simply take it in at each seam, I figured out that I could remove a section even more simply.

The five section hat is just the right size for Tiny’s tiny head but since the fabric has a bit of stretch and I wasn’t all to careful sewing in the sweat band, it flares out a bit at the bottom. I thought about running a bit of elastic along the back so it would hug his head a little more but he kept it on pretty well as I was photographing him and I think that may be a result of the looseness. I might give this another try with the same fabrics someday when I’m not trying to do it all within the span of one nap.

I really don’t like using a flash. It makes things look harsh in my, humble, not a photographer, opinion. A lot of the time I can get away with turning off the flash if my subject, and also my camera, are very still but with Tiny as my subject, that just doesn’t happen.

I asked the Mr last night, “Can’t I adjust the shutter speed on this thing some how?” No, no I can’t that’s part of what makes it a point and shoot camera. Oh well, some day I’ll be able to adjust my shutter speed. For now I’ll just have to make due with harsh flashy photos of moving subjects and often slightly out of focus photos of still subjects.


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