Dog pood

I’ve had a hard time letting Tiny Boy run around and play in the back yard. Little boys need to run around outside, I know, but I have a thing about dog poo and here’s why.
One warm summer day I was left babysitting my little bothers, who were 10 months or so old at the time. They wanted nothing but to run around in the back yard. I, on the other hand, did not want to be in the back yard because it was hot and I was lazy. Also, since it was just me and the twins at home, I could watch whatever I wanted on TV, and let me tell ya, that didn’t happen often. Sadly for me, those darn babies would give me no peace until I took them out side. So, here’s what I did. I put them in their double stroller, the kind where the babies face each other, and I wheeled them into the back yard. I parked them in a poop-free zone and I went back inside to enjoy what ever I could find on local daytime television.
What possible trouble could they get into stuck in the stroller? I’d just peek out now and then during the commercials so I could bring them in if they got tired of the fresh air.
Only, when I went to check on them, I found clasped in the hands of one or the other, I couldn’t tell you which, a big ol’ log of dog poo.
I don’t remember how I got it away from him, or how I got him cleaned up without touching his poo-hands, but I didn’t tell my mother, or anyone, about the incident until last summer.
I think it was a wise secret to keep. You may be of the opinion that I should have kept it still, but I wanted you to understand about my back yard dog poo issues, so I told.
A few months ago I finally let Tiny walk around the lawn. I watched him like a hawk. Poo from a 4 pound dog hides really easily, I didn’t want him finding a bit I hadn’t seen. He never showed any interest in pieces of poo he happened upon and over time I relaxed and let him play and pick up rocks and do little boy stuff. I still kept an eye out for stray bits of poo, but Tiny was pretty free to wander.
Thursday we were in the back yard. I was spraying Baby Girl with sunscreen and not paying attention to Tiny. Then it happened. He walked over from the edge of the patio, and there clasped in his plump little paw, was a lump of poo!
I took hold of his wrist and tried to shake it out of his grasp but he was hard to hold onto because he was reaching for the dog with his other hand. And what was in his other hand? That’s right, poo. He was trying to feed the second lump to the dog. It was old poo, sort of petrified from being in the sun among the rocks. Feeding the dog is one of Tiny’s favorite things to do. “Little bits of hard brown stuff? Well that must be dog food! I’ll just pick it up and go give it to my puppy” thought Tiny Boy, and he did.
After I scoured my small boy, and could again think, I remembered this “his poop is his food is his poop” Let’s just call it all “pood” I think Santa might bring that barbie for Tiny this year. I don’t think he’d have much use for her, but he would feed that dog hid pood all the live long day.


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