This is Melanie.

This is Melanie’s favorite outfit. It is the favorite because it’s good for running around and getting dirty but since it’s a dress, not pants, she can do all that and still look like a lady.

Melanie likes this dress because it is all dotty to match her face. Mel is very proud of her freckles, she just wishes she had some on her arms. Then she’d never get bored in school because if the teacher started talking about something dull she could just inch up her sleeve and play “connect the dots”. Melanie once had a friend with just two freckles, she thought that was a waste of two perfectly good freckles because the only picture they could make when you connected them was a worm and just a worm gets kind of dull.
Melanie is helping my friend Mary to raise money for an insulin pump that will make her daughter’s life much easier and not nearly so full of shots. If you’d like Melanie to come and stay at your house, email me
Mel is entirely hand made by me with soft cotton skin, warm wool stuffing, and mohair hair. She is 11 inches tall and ready to party, all for the bargain price of $65.00.
I took the advice from the comments yesterday and painted the freckles. I think that was definitely the best way to go. Thanks Amy and Melissa!
Did y’all notice I never whined about clothes this time? I’m pretty proud of myself about that. I made the clothes first this time. It was a little tricky making sure I ended up with a doll that fit them but it was worth it.
Usually I stand in front of the closet that holds my fabric stash with my eyes glassed over, moaning. It’s very similar to the way I stand in front of the refrigerator trying to come up with something to cook for dinner when I’m not even hungry.
This time I walked right into the fabric closet, snatched up some fabric and had a finished project within the hour. No moaning, no glassy eyes, no teensy rejected halves of dresses littering the floor,it was awesome. The way making doll clothes should be.


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