Haloween 2006

For the next week or two I’m going to be working on getting things organized around here. I’m pretty excited about my new system. If it all works out the way I’ve planned it, I should be able to access all of my supplies without stacking and unstacking piles of rubbermaid bins and jo-ann sacks.
Since this project likely won’t be very interesting to blog about I’m going to post projects from back in the day before I ventured into blog land.

Today’s feature is Baby Girl’s Halloween costume from 2006. I planned on her being Mary, all dressed for school with our little Maltese as the lamb who would follow her there. I had the dress cut and ready to sew when I started a Tinkerbelle costume for a friend. I had so much fun with the Tink tutu I scrapped Mary and her little lamb and Baby Girl was a fairy too. The Mary dress turned out really cute though, I’ll have to show it to you one of these days.

Now, without further ado, I present Baby Girl’s cherry Blossom Fairy costume and the Tinkerbelle that started it all.

I took these to send to Tink’s mama so she could start looking for tights and such. It’s a good thing I took them too because she never sent me any photos of the whole ensemble together on the child it was meant for. I guess I can stop trying to give her a guilt trip about it here though since she doesn’t have internet access (I know, how does she live?) I might call her in a minute and see if I can make her good a guilty over it though.

When the Mr got home that night he said “Is she wearing mascara?” “And eyeliner, blush, lipstick and golden shimmer powder” was my reply. What’s Halloween for if not to plaster your two year old with make up?

The wings are paper mache. I sandwiched floral wire between the layers of paper to lend support and make them pose-able. My dear friend and former employer at the Bridal shop dyed the shoes to match. You bet your bippy we won the contest at the neighborhood party that year! There were none of the shenanigans we went through this past Halloween. Stupid transformer taking my prize! Yes, I am still bitter over that and I don’t foresee the bitterness evaporating anytime soon.


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