Graduation crafts

Baby Girl had her Joy School graduation last evening. Never mind the fact that she’ll be right back there next fall and likely the one after it since she is an October baby and so will not start kindergarten until she’s nearly six.

This is our family flag. The flags went along with the unit on families. The children displayed their flags at graduation. We decided on the trampoline for our family image because we really like to jump together.
Once the trampoline was done we were all rather tired and lacking any further creativity so we left it at that. We would have liked to add a Latin phrase to make it a little more dignified but since none of us have studied Latin we couldn’t manage it. I think the best suggestion of text for the project was “For the benefit of Mr. Kite” which would illustrate the Mr’s love of the Beatles and my own love of random thoughts that make people wonder. But we left it blank.

The “Mortarboards” were my responsibility. I had quite a good time making them. I thought through a couple of things I could do to make them stay on the children’s heads and generally complicate things but in the end I pretty much stuck to the instructions given in the manual. I did revise the method of sticking the flat part on the top though. The manual directed me to simply stick the 2 pieces together with elmer’s. I have had enough experience with paper and glue to realize that never would have held, so I beefed it up a bit and all but one hat made it through the evening with no damage.
All in all the evening was a great success. Now Baby Girl keeps asking me when we are leaving for summer vacation. I’ve told her probably 50 times today that all summer vacation means is no more Joy School ’till fall so, basically, this is it but she keeps on wondering.


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