We’ve had a pair of rainy, magical days.
I went out yesterday into the beautifully overcast morning and felt the glory of the day. The sky full of clouds made the normally sun drenched scenery come to life. Since I’ve lived here my reactions to weather are quite often the opposite of what I expect, based on the experience of my previous life in the land of snow.
After Joy School, we went on a little trip to Target and on the way the rain began. It was a loud determined rain with giant drops falling as fast and the clouds could drop them. Baby Girl watched wondrously out the windows and kept me updated on which side of the car was collecting the most drops.
There is a new Stein Mart near Target and I was feeling so energized my the rain I decided we just as well go in as not, a quick run through the wet isn’t so bad.
I must tell you, I really love my dear Dusty Miller. I loved him before but I love him all the more after our first rain storm together. I’ve never driven a car that stuck to a wet road so well, and I can get us all un-buckled and ready to run for it before I even open a door! I fold the console between the driver’s and passenger’s seats down and walk the the middle row where the children ride. Then I get them out of their seats, open the door and we all get out at once. I use the remote to close the door as we’re making our way to the dry store. When the shopping is through, reverse all of that on the way back.
I found this lovely place mat for $2.99 at Stein Mart. It was just the thing to make the surprise flowers from The Mr.extra special. I like it so well I think I’ll get one or 2 more

We repeated the mass exodus from Dusty Miller again and went to Target. I’ve had my eye on these lovelies for Baby Girl and finally gave into myself and bought them.
I love her sweet little feet so much. I marvel at how they can be so tiny, slim and chubby at the same time.

If you think that I bought these for my child without checking to be sure there was not a pair round about that would fit me you are mistaken, and probably haven’t gotten to know me very well. They only have these in toddler sizes. The less cute, silver sandals in the toddler section run through to girls sizes but these stop somewhere around size 9 leaving me no hope whatsoever.
When Target was all said and done we went to McDonald’s. I climbed into the back seat one last time and we had a car picnic before driving home.
Dusty Miller told me it was 50 degrees out side. 50! on May 21! It was fantastic. I even got a little chilly later in the evening. It’s so nice to get a little chilly in late May!
I was glad to be out in that storm, splashing through puddles and watching the rain drops and hail stones come down all around us, but I’ve forgotten to tell you about the Hail.
There was Hail. It started just as we clamored into Dusty Miller after Stein Mart and stopped before we got out again for Target. I really don’t think I would have appreciated it all if I’d been shut up in the house the whole time.
Today we did stay in. We scrubbed bathtubs, organized fabric, ate popcorn, did laundry and read books. That was a good sort of a rainy day too.


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