I shall whine over doll clothes no more

At long last Tuesday night I came up with a little frock for each doll that I wasn’t ashamed of. I’m not all too proud of them, but I’m not ashamed and that was the best I could do at that point, such a state was I in.

Baby Girl Doll got this yellow plaid seersucker. Incidentally I have plans to make the actual Baby Girl a summer frock of the very same as soon as I get myself some elastic thread.
The dress is not much to speak of but I am fond of the grosgrain ribbon threaded through the square yellow buttons. Those ribbon threaded buttons rescued that dress from complete imemorability.

I made Baby Girl’s dress first and thought it was a tad short so I made Bestest’s longer and it looked rather mu-muish to be sure. I do think the color suits her though. The second dress is as forgettable as the first.

I’ve thought it trough and deciphered my trouble with doll clothes. I always set out to make a doll and then as I’m at the finish line ready to relish the completion of the project and move on to a new one, I remember I’ve got to clothe the doll before sending her out into the wide world, and here the drudgery begins.
My aim always ends up being to come up with something as quickly and simply as possible. There is not much scope for imagination in that.
Also, I loathe bear seams. I tolerate serged edges in finished garments when I must, but I don’t like them either. Getting all of the seams out of the way in such a small project is challenging. The biggest problem is, french seams and full linings make the clothes awfully thick for being so small. It’s also some trouble to get into all the nooks and crannies sewing things closed but I rather like that aspect of it.
I have a plan. I will learn to like making doll clothes yet. I’m going to set out to make some clothes independently of doll making. I shall sew for Baby Girl’s existing dolls or dolls dreamed of yet unborn. Maybe I’ll seek out a swap to join. I am determined to enjoy it at least a little.


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