Fickle Flame

I haven’t been much in the mood for crafting of any type the past few weeks. I have projects that interest me and the supplies to complete said projects but the desire has been lacking.
I finally made myself craft without the desire because a few of the projects were gifts and really needed to get done. So, I made these little girls.

They are for Baby Girl’s bestest friend whose birthday I already missed by over a week. The white one is a mini Baby Girl and the brown one is a mini Bestest.
Baby Girl is apt to say when she sees me working, “Oh, my hair looks so cute!” or “Bestest is so pretty!” and then theres “can I hold me?”
The lack of interest in my work stayed with me until today as I was working on their wigs. I’m using a different method than I’ve done in the past where I crochet a little cap to weave the hair into rather than sewing the hair directly to the head. You can see one doll’s wig is complete and the other is still wearing a bare cap. I’m loving the way this is working out. The only problem is, I failed to order mohair yarn for the hair and don’t know where to by it in person, so I’m using what ever I could find at Joann and Michael’s.
I love the look of the yarns I found, Baby Girl’s has a gold thread through it and Bestest’s a multicolored metalic which gives them a little extra kick, but they are both rather apt to unraveling which is a definite problem for use as doll hair. The upside of working with polyester is it’s meltability. I melted the tip of each strand of Baby Girl Doll’s hair. It worked fairly well but a good number of them caught fire as they were melting which left a black clump at the end of the strand. I’m not too fond of that, I may go back trim, and re-melt each of those.
The yarn for Bastest Doll’s hair is pickier than the other, it unravels fast so I’m going to have to melt the ends before I thread them into the cap. I think it’s going to turn out super cute, better than Baby Girl Doll’s for sure.
I just have to give these girls some faces, sew on the wigs (once they are finished) and make them some clothes (oy) and they’ll be ready for a late birthday gift, despite the fact that Baby Girl and I both really want to keep them.


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