I’m Here!

Yesterday was my fourth Mother’s day as a mother. Fifth if you count the year Baby Girl was in the belly. This, the fourth or fifth for me was the year I arrived as far a Mother’s Day is concerned.
This was the year my child made me a card at (joy)school for the first time. According to said card, Baby Girl loves me because “25” not sure what that means, but I’ll take it.
This was the year my own child walked up to the stand with all of the other children to sing Mother’s Day songs in church. I cried as soon as she left the pew. The upside of that was I got it out of my system before the number actually started so I could watch my girl wiggle and peek at me without the blur of tears in my eyes.
I was afraid she’d be nervous about going up so I prepped her for it during the week prior. “Baby Girl,” I’d say, “What are you going to do on Sunday?” and after a couple of days she knew the answer “I’m going to go up in front with the other children and sing you a song for Mother’s Day” I was so excited by the time Sunday finally arrived I asked her three or four times before we left for church. I think she got a bit tired of it but she humored me with the answer anyway and it worked! She was one of the first two children up there. She was out of the pew and on her way up the isle even before the announcement for the children to come forward was complete.
She only sang the first few words, as a first timer the songs were not thoroughly ingrained in her memory, but she assured me when she came back that she had hummed the whole time. That was just fine by me.
Mother’s just may be my favorite of days.


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