High School

First the happy, then the sad.
My good friend Teresa is working on High School Musical 3. I am so thrilled for her, she’s been working on this a long time. She’s the kind of girl who’s happiest when she’s crazy busy and as such devotes herself completely to whatever job she’s doing. I’m beside myself that she’ll now be crazy busy with a job she actually loves. After an hour on the job I’m sure she knew the names, measurements, favorite colors, and pets of the entire cast and crew. Maybe not measurements for the crew but she could probably guess pretty accurately on that if she needed to fit one of them in an emergency tux.
Anyway, congrats T you’re the best and soon everyone will know it.

I just learned from my mother that my High School is going to be demolished and re-built. I’m really sad about it. I loved that place.
I loved going there for my little brothers’ concert at Christmas and still knowing that the bathroom next to the choir room is always locked after hours, and which bathroom in the main building would be unlocked at 9:00 pm and the quickest way to get there.
I love knowing that the door that doesn’t lead to anything actually leads to a stair way that is no longer used and being one of the few students who’s been in that stairway.
I loved the way you had to find a chair or something and climb into the costume closet that is 4 feet off the ground back stage. I loved finding bits of costumes that my sister made for past shows in there, like the spray painted gold character shoes from Into The Woods and that little sequined number from Anything Goes.
I love that one time when I was back there a year or two after I graduated for some event or another I tried the locker I had my senior year and the ridiculously easy to remember combination (35-25-5) still worked.
I loved the suit of armor in the glass case in the main hallway, I gaped at it open mouthed as a small child going to see my older siblings in plays and concerts and later, ate dinner in it’s shadow during late night musical rehearsals.
“Why are they tearing it down?” I asked my mother. “Because it’s old, but not old enough to be a cool building” was her reply.
If all of the old buildings that just aren’t quite old enough to save are torn down how will our communities ever have any character?
By the way, I always though it was a cool old building.


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