Golden wedges

I’m in the market for a pair.
I saw a woman wearing some and the idea stealthily crept into my head and took over. My summer simply won’t be complete unless I spend a goodly portion of it walking about in golden wedges.
I’d really like an espadrille if I can find it but I haven’t had much luck. So far, this is my best bet.
My reservation is this, it is a rather narrow wedge for the height and I was planning on the golden wedges to be my go to shoes for the season. Can I balance a squirmy 14 month old on a day to day basis in that heel? I’d like to think I can, but if I am wrong I’ll be sorely disappointed.
Speaking of Jessica Simpson shoes, I’ve got to say I’m really impressed. Me and Jessica haven’t gotten along too well in the past. That is to say, I don’t like one jot of her music, but, the shes are really doing it for me.
I’ve also been in the market for some thing fabulous in kelley green with at least 3 inches of heel. I actually found a pair at Marshalls and didn’t buy them because I was sure they would be marked down lower and then they were gone. That pair was faux crocodile, which I adored, but have lost hope of finding again.
There now, dry your tears. I went to DSW the other day and found a pair of Jessica Simpsons that I think will fill the kelley green void in my closet quite well, even if they are suede rather than croc. The thing is, they are in the neighborhood of $50.00 so I left without them thinking “Surely they will be marked down, who besides me wants kelley green heels?” I guess I haven’t learned my lesson.


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