Practice Makes…

I am making up my Little Bitty dolls in copy cat of these. I have long been smitten with Ric-Rac’s dolls. Finally I have gotten around to trying my hand at imitation.

I spent my afternoon on this first attempt while the males of the house hold napped and the females either screamed from the confines of bed rather than give it up and go to sleep, or whined/bounced around the sewing room, at one point being thrown from the spinning computer chair into the wall.
Go ahead and guess which girl did what.

I am happy with this practice doll for a first try. Her arms and neck need to be a bit thinner, her body a bit thicker and her legs could use to get wider toward the feet. Also, I am not satisfied with the head attachment method I used. I am very pleased with the hair. I’d like to add a second thing I am very pleased with but there’s really just the one thing. Everything else is merely satisfactory.


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