Ahhhh, I’m back

Five days I’ve been home and finally I have a chance to sit down and write something.
This three kids thing is really knocking me out. I don’t know how people do it. Any who, here’s a little update on the wee ones.
Baby Girl is fantastic, though grounded from TV for the remainder of today and tomorrow because she climbed up on a chair/the giant entertainment unit to get the remote and turn on a second Sesame street for herself. In case you wondered, having that thing fall on one of the children and crush them is one of my great fears. I try to imagine that if it fell each child would be miraculously positioned inside one of the open shelves and come through without a scratch. Like Aladdin in the window when the palace tower is rolling down the snowy hill.
Little Bitty Has taken to eating food instead of briefly sucking on it before removing it from her mouth and throwing it. That is a huge accomplishment. She is much more agreeable when she’s received nourishment. Also, she does all sorts of adorable things, like instigating games of peek-a-boo, saying the word “bum” as she pats hers, and trying desperately figure out how to jump, all of which will soon be appreciated by her grandparents, who are taking her to live with them. Also, she says “tickle tickle tickle” sometimes she’s tickling herself, sometimes me, sometimes she’s just hoping someone will come along and fulfill the request. Hopefully the grandparents will be willing to do so.
Tiny Boy seems to have figured out that he’s not supposed to put his hands in the dog dishes and so has taken to dipping his wee face directly into the water bowl for drinks instead. I yelled so loud I think I frightened all of the joy school children who had filled up to the bathroom for hand washing after a playdough session. -oops!
He also wants nothing more than to climb onto the back of the sofa and sit in the second story windowsill. Let me introduce you to another of my great fears. A child is sitting in the window and rears back, breaking the glass and falling to the crushed granite landscape below.
Baby Girl likes to sit there as well but she, at least, doesn’t head straight for that spot every time she gets on the sofa and will mostly listen when I tell her to get down. Tiny can’t quite climb onto the sofa on his own yet but it’s only a matter of time. Once he masters that skill I may have to either bar his entry into the family room or board up the window until he loses his fascination with that perch.
I am fixing to get to work on a pair of Little Bitty dolls. One for Megan, because she won fair and square, and another for Little Bitty herself. Hopefully she’ll have it for a long long time and it will remind her that somebody once took the time to make something just for her.
Maybe her grandparents will give her all the love that she needs to grow up with a good portion of self-worth but in case they don’t, a hand made play mate is the best way I can think to pass along the message.


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