A posotively up-beat post

I am going to do my absolute best not to make a liar out of myself and the title of this post but, I warn you, it has been a rough week in the Uniquety household so I may start complaining at any moment without any further warning.
I’ll start my positive-fest with a list of accomplishments.
1- Tiny Boy is a walky-walkerton. He’s been close for a while Thursday evening he finally got there.
2- After weeks of agonizingly slow progress I finished what turned out to be 4 Flower Girl ensembles. Actually They aren’t quite done, I saved all of the hand sewing to do in the car. I’ll photograph them tomorrow as I pack them up.
3-I really wanted girl-scout cookie ice cream but they didn’t have any more when we went to get some. (Blast! those sneaky complaints, elbowing in when you least expect them!)
4- Today Little Bitty actually ate a food with nutrients in it, chewed it, swallowed it, and everything.
5- I chose the winner of my contest. Megan entered in person rather than in Blog and she wins. Runners up are Annie, I loved Poppet but I wanted 2 words, and William(by the way, are you Cindy?), Little Love stayed at the top of my list for days.
You may call it cheating to pick a non-commented entry but it’s my contest so I make the rules. (yes I am grumpy, thank you for asking)
6- Since I only just finished with the wee girls dresses I shopped for my own. It took some searching, I even went in the old-lady stores, but I found one and I love it. It has the sort of little cap sleeves that make it so your pits always feel sweaty but it does so much for the rest of me that I forgive the pits. If I’d made it myself I would have used built-in under-arm gussets to solve the problem but oh well.
7- I’ve mustered a bit of positive energy and patience each morning with which to greet the child who screams anytime I enter or exit a room, and a good deal of the time in between. The result of this is, I think she may be screaming a tad less. Maybe I just built up more resilience to the screaming, but in the interest of positive thinking we’ll say she’s screaming less.
8- I ate ribs on Friday, pried the flesh from the bones with my teeth and every thing. If you know much about my diet history you’ll realize what a big deal that is. They weren’t even well-done, that makes it an even bigger deal. All in the name of expanding my horizons.
9- I finished a song on Guitar Hero.

That’s all I’ve got as far as accomplishments. Hopefully the trip to our mother state will be cleansing and I’ll return ready to take on life at home with three children and a vomiting dog without slipping into a permanent role as Negative Nelly.

Other good things about the week were going to “Penelope” with my bunko group. Also, the park with cousins on Tursday eve and a Wii fest with friends on Friday.

And on that note, I am off to bed. The first time all week I have not nearly sewed myself to sleep.


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