A contest in which you will play the part of my creativity.

There is another little one at our house. She is calm and sweet. I just wish I knew how to get her to go to sleep. I know how to teach an infant to sleep but my own 2 already knew by the time they were toddlers so this is new territory for me.
Anyway, sleeping habits aside, she is here and so I’ll be making mention of her from time to time but I don’t know what to call her.
I call Baby Girl and Tiny Boy “Baby Girl” and “Tiny Boy” a good deal of the time in our real, off-line, life so it was natural for me to call them so here. This time, I guess, the blog nickname will have to come first. Does anyone have suggestions?
If I pick the name you suggest I will give you a prize (no, Cassandra I didn’t forget your prize I’m just going to bring it along for my visit to save on postage)
And the prize will be… something handmade. Probably a doll that will bear the winning nickname. So, if you have a little girl who needs a hand made dolly to love get creative and suggest some good nicknames for this sweet, sleepless girl over here!


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