Baskets of junk

For the past few years since the Easter Bunny has been coming to our house I’ve been a bit conflicted.
You see, he has been bringing cheap-y easter themed toys and such. The kind of thing that is fun for a few days and then lies around the house until I find opportunity to sneak it into the trash.
The conflict comes from the fact that I really enjoy picking out the little eastery toys for his Bunnyness to bring. I just bought a box of fluffy chicks for the purpose this last Saturday.
Anyway, I decided this year to get one actual quality toy in each kid’s basket and forgo the crap, except for the aforementioned chicks which I couldn’t pass up. Here’s what I bought, just now, thank goodness for online shopping.
Baby Girl gets these cute little mice with clothes. I was planning on these for Christmas but I didn’t order in time and they were out of stock, so hurrah for mice to dress!
Tiny Boy gets this set of some of the coolest blocks I’ve ever seen. I love blocks, seriously love them. Next I’m going to need to get a big fat fatty fat set of all the cool archways and stuff.
The fact is I love toys. I love buying toys. I feel like I don’t have enough opportunities to buy toys. My children get lots of toys from various grandparents so I always feel that buying toys myself is a waste of money.
See, if all of the grandparents just bought the toys I actually want my kids to have there would be no problem. They would still be doting on the children and I would not have a house full of toys I don’t like and a head full of toys I wish were in my house.
That arrangement wouldn’t really work though, because the grandparents like picking out toys too, so I guess someone has to be disappointed and it might as well be me since I am neither paying for or playing with the toys in question.


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