Can I have a piece of gum?

When I arrived home from book club on Tuesday Baby Girl was still awake, waiting for me to come and snuggle her. She said to me “Did you eat somesting at your mama party? (Sniff sniff) you smell like you were eating somesting” It was peanut butter m&m’s she smelled on my breath.
Last night during the bed time snuggle she smelled something again.
“I smell somesting, somesting stinky, stinky like cows. Like cows and goats and an elephant… and fish. Fish are stinky because real fish are stinky when you eat them”. I did not smell anything at all in her bedroom last night. I am holding out hope that she was not talking about my breath that time. I am also going to make an effort to brush my teeth before I tuck her in, just in case.


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