Another wedding, another flower girl dress…or 3

Look what came in the mail for me yesterday. It is a good day when there is silk in the mailbox. It’s a bit lighter weight than I expected so I’m re-working my original plan for my sister of the groom dress.
My favorite thing about the fabric is the slight un-black of the lining. It mostly looks black but sometimes it seems decidedly gunshot. I am tempted to make a dress of it on it’s own but it is only china silk and regardless of it’s lovliness it would be a dress made of lining in the end.

Here are probably more photos than are really necessary to show the dress for my 4 year old niece. You can almost make out my original sketch to see what is should look like when it’s complete.
She asked for a dress with a fat skirt so I’m doing my best to comply.
My fear with this one is that she’ll want to wear it backward because there’s really not much going on in front where she’ll be able to see it.
I’ve really been taking my time on this, I’m usually a whirlwind sewer once I get going on a project. This time I’ve been stopping to think about the next step every time I finish something. The really odd thing about it is, in all of the time I’ve spent thinking instead of sewing I have not changed anything from my initial design. That is also fairly uncommon for me.
Her baby sister’s dress is all cut and waiting for me to get another sewing energy burst. Looks like I’ll be puttering along with it too. I’ll post pictures once it actually looks like a dress.
For my own Baby Girl I decided to use the slip from her last Flower Girl venture. I’d been planning for her to wear it as a summer dress from the beginning but I really wanted to make something different for this wedding. Then I was struck with the inspiration of what to add to the existing slip to make it fabulous for another occasion and now I’m really excited about it. I’m going to make a blouse/jacket of the same dotted swiss as I’m using for the other girls. It will be pin-tucked and ruffled and have a fat red belt. I am in love with the combination of textures in the ensemble with white on white dots and stripes.
I also want a red beret for her, I haven’t found a crochet pattern that I’m satisfied with but I think I can manage it on my own.


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