A doll for Nicole

We have a little friend who got a new baby brother this time last year. I decided that surely the baby brother had enough presents and the big sister was the one who would most appreciate a congratulatory gift.
She had adored a wee tiny Waldorf style doll of baby girl’s when she was here playing one day so I made up another one for her.
The poor itsy dolly sat nekked on my sewing table for the better part of the year. Finally, a few weeks ago I made her something to wear. Then she sat lonely and homesick on my ironing board until Friday when I decided enough was enough and I’d stop procrastinating and get that girl home!
So, I wrapped her up and delivered her at long last. She is very happy in her new home with the girl she was made for. Maybe, they love each other a little extra for all of the time they spent apart.

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