Dusty Miller

Yesterday we went out and purchased my dream car.
Our old one, The Lasso, was getting run down. It has 117,000 miles on it, the check engine and break lights were on and the air conditioning went out, which was the last straw. It also would not fit 3 car seats which our family car will need to do once we have a foster child.
Dusty Miller is a Dark sparkly blue Honda Odyssey EX-L with an entertainment system.
I can open the back doors with the touch of my choice of buttons. I can listen to XM satellite radio or any of the 6 MP3 CDs in the changer all while the children watch a movie wearing wireless head phones so my listening choices will not interfere with theirs. When It’s chilly out, my seat will warm my bum for me, and forget a-c, this car has “climate control” with 3 zones so neither husband or myself has to suffer for the comfort of the other. I’ll never back over a bicycle in this car because it has a rear view camera, the image from which appears on a tiny screen in my rear view mirror when I put it in reverse. The husband can fart as much as he likes and the smell will not embed it’s self in the leather seats like it has done in the fabric of every other car we’ve owned. In short, it is my dream car. Yes, I have been dreaming of owning a mini van for the past 2-3 years.
I don’t think I ever expected to get my honest to goodness dream car. Even when we set out to look at Odysseys I prepared myself to settle for a different color than was my hearts desire. I have everything I’ve wished for in a vehicle and more.
I may need someone to pinch me. I’d try slamming my hand in the door to test the reality of it all but, alas, the doors are slam proof.


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