swimming in silk

My younger brother is to be wed next month. I’ve been planning the clothes for Baby Girl and myself.
She is to wear white and I black, both with red trim.
I decided on dotted swiss for her. It is the stuff of dreams, dotted swiss, so light and lovely. I think I’ve found some to purchase online so all is well on that front.
For myself, I have had some trouble deciding what I’d like. I am not a big black wearing girl. I like black. I look good in black, but I just like color so much I don’t often choose it.
First I thought of a pencil skirt. That would be a good sort of a thing to have in black, and it would be fantastic in the winter time with something cashmere. Still, I was uninspired.
I spent a day or two with the ho-hum feeling toward the black, not settling upon any style that made my heart thump in anticipation. Then it happened. I remembered a dress that I own, made for me by a friend from a vintage pattern, a dress that I love and would love in black! But I couldn’t find it, and I cannot take a pattern from a dress I cannot find. I could re-create the bodice easily enough, but the skirt! It’s one of those 50’s straight skirts that has a few pleats at the waist but somehow manages not to make your belly look bulgy. I don’t know how to do that.
I began googling for patterns from 1952 (the year the lost dress’ pattern was printed) and found this pattern that I think will do quite nicely even if it lacks the charming sweetheart neckline of the lost dress. A black-on-black dotted fabric is what I desire. The dots should be about 1/4 inch in diameter and spaced 2 inches apart. This I have not found but I did find this, and some other options that are not dotted.
The real find was fashionfabricsclub.com whose stock of silk leaves me with no reason to sew any other fiber ever again as long as I live, though I suppose I’ll have to make an exception in the case of the dotted swiss.


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