sweet child

Baby Girl, it seems, is quite taken with the idea of songs having actions.
Just now as I sang her the favorite lullaby she supplied actions…

“My Pigeon House I open wide and set all the birdies free”
She made peeping beaks with her fingers
“They fly o’r the hills on every side and light on the tallest tree”
flapping hands
“And when they return from their merry merry flight, they for their wings and way good night”
folding arms
“coo-a-roo coo-a-roo coo-a-roo coo-a-roo coo-a-roo coo-a-roo coo-a-roo”
Peeping beaks again with the action for “grow” she learned on Sunday in Primary thrown in for a little extra flavor.

And after tucking her plastic caterpillar in to his little kleenex bed on her night stand, she sang him a lullaby too. I don’t know if it was complete with actions though, as I was in here typing by the time she began to sing.


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