uuuuuuuuh, hhmm

I’m in a bit of a funk.
I’ve been sitting around my house all week thinking of all the things that need doing while at the same time unable to come up with anything to actually do.
We’re planning to move baby girl into the guest room so she’s been sleeping in there but all of her stuff is still in the bedroom with Tiny Boy. Before I can move her stuff, I have to have a place to put it which means shelves and dresser, and you know, things I don’t have so I sneak out her jammies before Tiny goes to sleep and and think about moving her for real.
Then there’s the issue of the office/sewing room. It is a fat mess. I suppose it really has been worse, but the current mess is stifling me. After 2 weeks of working on it here and there I finally got the ironing board cleaned off which was a huge accomplishment. Still, there are piles of things left to contend with. I need an organizational system for my stash. I organized it all before Christmas but I acquired more stashage during the holidays and the yarn and ribbon had no better home than grocery sacks to begin with so the closet is something I dread.
I did a fair amount of laundry this week. That should give me some sense of accomplishment, but it hardly makes up for all I haven’t done.
I am itching to do something creative but the dreaded closet stands in my way.
What’s a girl to do?


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