Oh there you are!

I mentioned last week that I’d started the South Beach Diet.
Every so often I need to go through phase one to reset my standard. When I’ve let my eating/cooking habits slip so far that I can’t get back on track through less extreme methods, the 2 weeks of phase one works wonders.
I think it is so effective because it forces me to think, prepare and actually cook 3 times a day.
I suppose making a salad at lunch time does not actually count as cooking but it does make me take time to sit and eat and think about what I am eating. For the past few months I’ve just been making quick stops at the pantry throughout the day which makes it awful hard to know what I’ve actually consumed and nearly impossible to decide whether I’m actually hungry or not at any given time.
So thank you South Beach, for making me think about what I am eating and reminding me that I actually do like to cook. Also, thank you for the seven pounds you freed me from during the past week and for today, when I got dressed and recognised my self in the mirror.
Here’s one more message, this one to my mid-section. Hello, old friend, I’ve missed you since you went away.


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