with a satisfied smile

Long long ago while doing some post-marriage shopping I came upon the Fiesta Ware in Bed-Bath and Beyond. I was already possessed of an appreciation for the Fiesta but as I gazed upon the beauty of the aqua plates before me, the appreciation blossomed into love.
I decided that Persimmon and Cobalt would compliment the Aqua perfectly to my taste, and so it all began. Fiesta Ware became a stalwart item on my wish list.
Eventually Husband presented me with service for 4 in Cobalt and a year or two after that, Persimmon. Finally this Christmas, I received the aqua that started it all.
It’s been a challenge not to stand before the open cupboard and gaze upon the loveliness at odd times throughout the day.
I think a fourth color would be nice but am yet to decide upon one. I think the Yellow might serve well as a companion to Persimmon who is all alone in a cupboard of blues but I am not fully convinced.
The biggest point in the favor of Yellow is that I can’t come up with a rival color. Still, I don’t love it as I do the others and I don’t want to buy something I do not love.
Do you have any suggestions to offer color wise?


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