In an effort to get back into the swing of things.

I spent my day unpacking toys and alternately groaning in despair and cursing at the over abundance of them. There are still a good many out on the floor with no hope for a permanent “away” in sight.
Tiny Boy is glad to be home and shows it my being the sweetest, most cheerful baby in the world, taking all of his naps and being generally pleasant.
Baby Girl, on the other hand, has been crazy. She’s grumpy, disobedient and, due to exhaustion, very clumsy. The last of which resulted in multiple bumps and bruises all of which she wailed extra loudly over. Please, oh please, Girl, start acting like yourself again.
In other news, we are officially certified, and on the placement list for foster care. Our goal is adoption and I pray that we are not sent any children who are not meant to stay with us for always. I also hope we will not have any placements offered that we don’t feel are right and have to say “no” to. I am not great at saying “no” even to insignificant things, I don’t know how I could manage it.


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