number 100

Hello friends. I’ve missed you so.
I’ve not posted for a number of reasons. The first is the annoyance of slow internet and the fact that I have to connect through Husband’s Blackberry, which I cannot do myself. Another is that this is my 100th post and I wanted something good to discuss.
So here area series of Holiday misfortunes I experienced this year. I hope you will find them entertaining.
So, remember the CD’s I painted and gave to neighbors? Yeah, turns out they didn’t burn so I delivered blank, decorative cd’s.
I guess I could pretend I meant to do it, thinking my friends might like to have a fancy-like cd to burn for themselves. Yeah, that’s better. That way, if someone doesn’t like my taste in Christmas music ,”Wham” for example, they can still enjoy the gift. Yes that has a much better ring to it.
Here’s unfortunate Holiday event number two.
My Mother-in-law received, a variety of spices and such from a friend who visited Bali.
Among them was a bag of 100% Coca powder. Fantastic gift, wouldn’t you say?
One evening when no one was home but my own little family we invited Barefoot Cassandra and her mellow read-head to come and socialize. While the men-folk were off fetching dinner I went to the pantry to find what I needed to make hot chocolate. I caught sight of the fancy cocoa and and brought it out to show Barefoot, who is the type to appreciate such things.
We stood there discussing and musing over what the difference would be in, say, a batch of brownies, made with the 100% coca powder as opposed to plain old dutch process from the grocery store.
Then I noticed that Baby Girl had gotten hold of the bag while I was busy conversing and was squishing it a bit. At which point I saw the future, just like in “Next”.
I thought to myself “I need to take that away before she pops the bag” and just as I reached for it, she gave it a big squeeze and coated herself, Cassandra, and the kitchen with a liberal dusting of gourmet cocoa. I should have quickly whipped up a batch of truffles to roll in the delicious stuff, I could pick off any crumbs that came off the floor along with the delicious! Instead, I stood there, gasping. I don’t remember what I said but I said it quite a few times.
Of all the hundreds of ways for a small child to make a mess of a kitchen, mine had to chose the way that involved an ingredient I could not replace.
After I cleaned it up I called the Mother-in-law and confessed. She was shopping at Down Town Disney when I called. AfterI hung up the phone I started the gasping all over again. “Now I’ve ruined the Coca and her evening at Disney Land” I lamented.
Cas was kind enough to point out that while the news was certainly disappointing it was probably not so bad as to ruin her whole evening and eventually I recovered.
In case you were wondering. We licked some of the spilled powder off the kitchen and found that it didn’t taste any different than any other cocoa powder we’d experienced. I think it smelled better though.
Well,that was only two holiday misfortunes which may not really count as a series but it’s all I’ve got.
I suppose I could tell the tale of how I came within 30 minutes of procuring a Wii for Husband’s Christmas gift but I’m all posted out at the moment so, You’ll just have to imagine for yourself how that went if you’re interested.


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