So, as I was strolling through the pacifier department as my local grocery store one day while I was still preggers, I noticed the NUK starlight pacifiers.
They were lovely! Such clean lines, the colors, though limited, were fantastic! Never had I seen a paci so sleek and stylish. I bought a two pack and sent one off to a friend, saving the other for my own tiny boy. Luckily enough, that was the variety of bink he favoured and aside from the soothie they gave us in the hospital the only kind he’s ever used.
But now I can’t find them.
I got around to looking online today and all I came up with was a product description which reminded me how much I do indeed love that pacifier, and this
$18.95 for a pack of binkis? Are you kidding me?
I guess I am not the only one who loves them.
I suppose it’s just as well. It’s time to start getting Tiny off the bink anyway, but in the mean time I get all antsey when any of the 3 we have are MIA.
We were down to one for a few days and it almost drove me to insanity. And that was before I googled and was still hopefully checking every time I went to the store.
In reality, Tiny boy would probably be fine with any NUK I gave him. It is me who is in love with the starlight so I guess if the 3 got lost before we were through with paci’s in general, I could buy any ugly old nuk and be ok, but I wouldn’t be happy about it.


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