More from Grandma

This Bunny was another cause for fight between my and my sister. Grandma got our favorite animals mixed up and sent me the bunny and her the kitty. OOPS! We were especially happy that year because there was a hershy’s kiss inside. I think that’s the only time she sent goodies of any kind with our ornaments.

I’ve had this one for the length of my memory. It has my initials on it. My sister Elizabeth and I had the same initials so we distinguished between ourr hearts by ribbon color. There was discussion about who had pink and who had red every year. This was discussion rather than fight because she is six years older than I am. I was more apt to fight with siblings closer to my own age.

Another star and another favorite. Stars are one of my favorite shapes. I love the siplicity of this, just buttons glued on a wooden star, but it’s beautiful. The single red sequin in the center is the perfect touch of color.


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