My deadly sin?

Crafting to excess
I planned to sit down and write a photo laden post about it all but upon looking over my photos I’ve decided it’s going to take a few photo laden posts to cover it. I think I’ll just stick with my neighbor gifts for this one. I delivered them yesterday. It feels good to have done with it.

I’ve scorned paper crafts in the past. I love cut and paste art a la 4th grade but scrap booking/card making left me totally uninspired. This year though, I seem to have caught the bug. I don’t think I’ll ever get as into it as some people are and it will definitely never be my center stage craft but I had fun with the tags for my goodies.

I also got the notion that I’d like paint cd’s so along with the yummies the neighbors got a hand painted copy of my favorite Christmas mix, Hallelujah Chorus, Frankie and Cyndi Lauper’s Santa Clause is commin to town, Wham!’s Last Christmas I gev you my heart…you know, the classics.

This one is my favorite.


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