Welcome December

I put my tree up today and I had a fantastic idea.
Since I tend to do better at posting when I have some sort of theme going, and with holiday craziness filling my life I’m not likely to post like I’d like to without some sort of a motivational shove, why don’t I spot light the different ornaments on my tree throughout December?
I couldn’t think of a good reason why I shouldn’t so I’m going to.
Don’t you worry, If I have another child-pee incident or other topic of interest to discuss I will certainly put the ornamental posts aside in order to do so. I wouldn’t want any one to miss out on any of the really important things I have to say because I was busy strolling along memory lane with a bit of card stock encased in peeling gold foil and a photo of myself at 10 years of age.
I suppose a good thing for this kick-off post would have been a photo of the tree in it’s entirety, or at least the gold-foil ornament I mentioned, but I don’t care to snap any photos at the moment. So use your imaginations, and I’ll try to work up the energy to toss you a photo tomorrow…or sometime.


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