Take That!

Well I’ve done it. I kicked NaBloPoMo’s hinder.
It was all “I dare to to try Eva, you’ll never make it a whole month, even if you do manage to post everyday while you’re on vacation, you’ll forget some other stupid time when all you’ll do all day is sit on the couch not posting.”
And I was all “Oh yeah NaBloPoMo? you think you can take me? I’ll Post the heck out of November!”
And I did.
And now it’s like “Man Eva you are awesome. You so totally won. I’ll never doubt your ability to post every day for a month again… But I might doubt your ability to make every post interesting. None of those ‘I almost forgot’ cop-out posts.”
and I’m like “It is ON NaBloPoMo. It is ON!”

I hope you are excited/scared.


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