We went on a little shopping trip today. First to Michaels where I was that mother who nags at her child constantly when the child seems to be behaving relatively well and does nothing but nag some more when the child is naughty. I hadn’t noticed yet the impact my cold was having on my behaviour.
On the walk from Michaels to Target I realized, and prepared myself to do better. To hold the brain fog at bay and pay attention to what my child was doing and thus avoid nagging when the fog lifted for a minute and found her taking the lids off all of the push pops in the candy display.
We made a potty stop first thing at Target. Baby Girl had been holding it for a few minutes and peed with such fury that it shot out over the rim and into her pants. Why to public toilets have that blasted gap in the seat anyway? She was wearing a skirt which fortunately avoided any spray so we talked about how she would need to walk nicely and make sure her bum was covered which she managed quite well.
On to the boy. I layed out paper towels on the changing station because some people are none too careful about cleaning up after them selves and got to the changing. The wipes were not in my purse. But I thought I could manage the poop with toilet paper in this instance, and so asked Baby Girl to fetch me some.
While she was making sure she went in the exact stall I meant, because the toilet paper in the stall next door would surely not do, and deciding which roll she should get the paper from, etc. Tiny Boy peed all over himself, and the hand I was resting on his tummy to make sure he didn’t roll off the station while I was watching his sister get the toilet paper.
Then Baby Girl brings me a crumpled half-square.
I cleaned Tiny with paper towels because I could reach them myself, and then ventured forth into Target with a naked baby and a commando 3 year old.
Now I am the mother that nags her child for no apparent reason, leaves pee germs all over the changing station, and takes her baby out in nothing but a diaper.
After a stop at the toddler underpants isle I was also the mother who opens packages before paying. Also the one who hands the cashier a tag for the onsie her baby is already wearing.
It was a proud day.


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