my own brand of competition

I read Makayla’s post about her boy’s 3rd birthday and remembered the day I learned she was preggers. “when is she due?” I asked Cas “November, I think,” “Good,” I said, “then I am winning.”
Yes folks, pregnancy is a race for me. Only if the pregnant parties in question are pregnant at the same time and said pregnancies overlap by at least 2 trimesters.
Generally when I think of competition or a person having a competitive nature, I think of sports or business. Since I am not particularly active in either of those fields I must not have much comepition running through my veins. Right?
No,I am competitive, I love to win, just not athletic events or business deals.
I’m more interested in unspoken competition. Of course there are the obvious ones like who’s kids are cuter and who brought the best dish to the pot-luck. I eat those up. But there is more.
Who has the best shoes in the room? Who’s baby has the best napping routine? Who reads parenting books and sticks to the council they read vs those who read and disregard and those who figure things out as they go along. (ironically, I, who hate to sew with a pattern because it makes me feel bossed, belong in the first category and feel like the winner for being there) Who is the more attractive half of the couple? Who has the most perfect lips? Who appears the most put-together when on the verge of collapse? Who is so on-top of things they never get within spitting distance of collapse? Who has the least kitschy decor in their house? Who knows the best places to Shop?
I could go on and on with pregnancy related competitions alone but I will spare you.


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