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Next week we are doing family pictures with my family. All 10, yes 10, of my parents children together in the same place and time, dressed in coordinating clothing.
The guidelines for ensemble selection were “neutral colors” I couldn’t make it on neutrals alone so I added orange and blue in to my little family’s scheme. I based the whole thing around Tiny Boy’s outfit which I already had.
I made Baby Girl’s jumper yesterday. I was afraid it was too dressy for the rest of us but I think it works. More on that later.
Husband could use a shot of orange in his ensemble but he’s not an orange liking fella so I don’t think I could convince him to wear it. I do have more of the orange silk featured above as a scarf for Baby Girl. What do you think Husband? Orange silk neckerchief?

I made this valance a few months ago right before our open house. The window needed something so I looked through my stash, found those 2 browns and that’s what I came up with.
My first love in this combo is the brown satin. It is so rich, I’ve never seen it’s equal. There’s just something about quality satin.
The other fabric is almost burlap, a really heavy, loose weave but a little smoother than burlap. The contrast with the smooth flawless satin is a dream. I loved it so much I decided to make a dress version.
I was planning on using the rustic fabric for the main body of the project and trimming it out in the satin the way I did on the valance, but I only had scraps of the burlap-esque, so I switched it. I didn’t like the idea of the super simple shift-jumper I’d had in mind for the burlap in the satin so I tweaked, added pleats and came up with what you see in the photo.

I can’t seem to convince Tiny Boy that he should sleep past 5:30 so I’ve been sleeping on the sofa while he plays until Baby Girl wakes up.
This morning I woke up from my snoozing to find him standing at the DVD player. He had the mallet in his hand, ready to either shove down his throat or poke out his eye, the ring in his mouth, and the earring in the DVD player.
He plays with the mallet all the time, loves to haul that thing around. I know it’s not super safe but I let him do it when I’m watching because it’s so cute and he likes it so much. But how to keep it from him when I’m not watching?
As for the jewelry, he climbed in the dress-up box before starting out on his voyage to the DVD player. I guess a card board dress-up box isn’t exactly baby proof. Drat.

In oatmeal news, today’s was creamy and delicious. I think the problem is pan size.I usually make it in a bigger pan so I don’t have to worry about it boiling over. Today, Tiny was sleeping so I could pay it more attention and accordingly used the small pan that only just fits 2 servings of oatmeal. Problem solved. I just need a pan between the 2 sizes so I can make good oatmeal without having to watch so carefully to avoid spillage.

Today is fantastic. It is blustery and overcast. I very much want to go out for a run. Right now it’s threatening to storm. I’d enjoy running in the wet but I don’t think the offspring would. If it clears up a bit though, I’ll have to go.


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