There is a recipe for turning a minor interest of mine into an obsession.
First of course there has to be that minor interest, then I have to think about that for a bit until it occurs to me that I should look online for the item of interest. After a google search or two I move on to ebay and then the process is complete. I have a new obsession.
The recent one is clogs for Baby Girl. I was thinking about winter foot wear for the child and remembered how cute the little girls in the Hanna Anderson catalogue are in their clogs. Then I thought about how I wouldn’t spend that much money on children’s shoes. Say, maybe I could find some on ebay! dun dun dun.
There is nothing in her size on Ebay, this does not stop me from bidding on 2 pair, one too small (I’ll have more children, quite possibly another girl) and one too large, she is after all growing. Soon I find myself looking at the web site of a German shoe maker. Sure, these clogs are $40.00 on top of which I’ll have to pay international shipping but now it’s all worth it! I’d buy the Hanna’s at this point if they had her size, but they don’t. The German’s don’t make her size either. Apparently the one pair of size 4 clogs I found on ebay are the only pair in existence smaller than size 8.5 I need a 7.
What on earth will I do? How will I survive without clogs for my girl-child? I just don’t know.


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