Dribbly boingy

It is trampoline season again. Yesterday I scrubbed off all the dust that accumulated on the pad over the summer so it doesn’t turn the children black any more. It’s a big improvement.
We had a family jump this afternoon. Tiny Boy isn’t sure he likes it but he doesn’t seem to dislike it so we’ll keep bouncing him.
I challenged my self to a bum-a-war and did 50 consecutive bum jumps before declaring myself the winner.
In other news Baby Girl wiped her nose on my skirt today at church. My favorite skirt that I’ve only just gotten back into thanks to the 2 lbs I lost. (Hurrah only 7 more!)
She thought it was so clever that she pointed out the snot smears to me and proceeded to give my leg another swipe with her nose.
I couldn’t do too much punishment wise sitting there in church. All I could manage was to make her sit on the other side of The Husband while I de-snotted myself with a baby wipe. Not the severest of punishments but it made her cry so I guess it had some effect.


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